Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Strangely enough, but modern students perceive the Internet not as a source of knowledge, but as an entertainment environment in which you can “hang out” around the clock. On the one hand, such an interest can be understood, but on the other – and when to live a real life? Let us try to figure out together how to stop wasting time on the Internet? However, before answering this difficult question, let us find out why the world-wide web attracts the student of the university so much?

The Main Temptations of the Internet


Today, every first student does not imagine his/her life without a mobile phone and, of course, the Internet. Yes, the temptations are significant, and if the connection can be lost for a while, then the lack of a network becomes, as a rule, a problem of universal scale. What is it: the habit or already dependence?

It turns out that there is nothing complicated, and the reasons for the immense love of the Internet are trivial and quite obvious:

  1. Social networks. There is a category of students who all their time disappear in social networks, occupying not only the time of sleep but also money. From the outside, it seems that it is foolish to communicate with strangers under hidden avatars, but for some this kind of communication allows to be liberated as much as possible and to find virtual, but like-minded people;
  2. Computer games. This is the most dangerous category of students, because its representatives are fanatics of the virtual reality world, and exchanged it for a full life in the real They are not interested in events that occur in their lives, but new levels and non-existent opponents, on the contrary, manage to become the meaning of life. If such a person is not “reanimated” in a timely manner, then he/she will be completely lost to modern society;
  3. Forums. This is more a disease of female representatives, who have problems in intimate or family life. It’s much easier to ask advice from unknown nicks than to solve problems with the “hero of the fete,” so to speak. So there are virtual disputes and wrangling, which can drag on for several days. There is a dependence on women’s forums, which in the future is very difficult to cure;
  4. The work. This is a noble affair until the student-user becomes dependent on the world-wide web. There are known types of remote employment that make the virtual world a reality. This is usually copywriting, rewriting, and the work of a trader generally turns a student into a fanatic of the blue screen, so sometimes it is even dangerous. In addition, the phrase: “There is always more fish in the sea” still has not been canceled;
  5. Studies. Many students cannot tear themselves away from the Internet due to diligent studies. The fact is that they are so fixated in obtaining knowledge and desire to become the owner of the red diploma that they spend all their time in front of the monitor, in creative search, so to speak. Here a measure is important, otherwise, insulting nicknames will haunt until the very graduation.

So now it becomes quite obvious that most of the modern students do not represent their lives without an accessible world wide web, have made it a part of their daily life and have found quite obvious and justified arguments for such an act.

All this, of course, is very good, but when then to live? It is necessary to find time for the rest and the reality, which is not more boring than the virtual world if you look closely!

What Is Wrong with the Internet?

Pensive Man

Let us consider several situations that are the most common in the student’s life.

If a student spends most of his life on the Internet, and go to bed in the morning, then, accordingly, there cannot be any talk about the diligent study.

The permanent location at the monitor distracts from compulsory studies, reduces academic performance, increases absentmindedness, and in cases of some particularly desperate gamers provokes a feeling of aggression and irritation in terms of the world around.

When a student spends too much free time on the vastness of the world-wide web, he/she hardly has the desire and time for his/her personal life. Your eternal companions of life become a chair and a screen, no one will come to you to meet if you at least do not leave the house.

According to statistics, a person who spends more than seven hours at a computer monitor turns into a so-called “zombie”, that is, he begins to think narrowly, to have primitive views on life and constant dissatisfaction in reality. He is unlikely to find himself in this life, because all the goals are in the software, but not in the desire to develop and improve himself/herself.

Dependence on the Internet can be safely compared with heroin addiction, as the “patient” also needs another dose, and in its absence, begins a real withdrawal symptom.

However, the same “golden mean” is welcomed, which distinguishes the fan from the fanatic, and the inept person from the competent one. And anyway, a modern student should be able to do everything and master the basics of software too.

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