Publishing Success!

I am ecstatic to announce that my picture book, HORSE FLOWERS, is being published by MeeGenius! This has been in the works for several months, but I can no longer keep it to myself. HORSE FLOWERS will be ready for purchase in a matter of weeks. MeeGenius! is an eReader App for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Google TV. It also happens to be my kids favorite eReader, (even before they accepted my story for publication.  I promise!)  And the best part, the MeeGenius! App is FREE and includes several free eBooks.

Summary of HORSE FLOWERS, coming soon on MeeGenius!: “No horsing around!” Isabel’s mother reminds her as Isabel runs out to gather wildflowers for her grandma’s birthday. Grandma’s party is starting soon and Isabel’s journey is not going smoothly. But Isabel knows exactly which of her horsey friends can use its breed’s unique talents to help her overcome obstacles along the way. Ride along with Isabel on this heartwarming and educational equine adventure with a surprise ending that celebrates the power of a child’s imagination. HORSE FLOWERS is intended for children ages 3-8 and is illustrated by the very talented Kathryn Selbert.

But wait, theres more! Two days ago, I signed a book contract with Guardian Angel Publishing to publish my story, HENRIETTAS HOOF POLISH. This picture book will be available both in eBook and print form. The illustrator and release date are unknown.

Summary of HENRIETTAS HOOF POLISH: Henrietta will do almost anything to fit in with the fancy horses at the Cottonwood Riding Club next door. But when her plan to be discovered at the annual Blue Ribbon Horse Show does not work out as intended, Henrietta realizes that the grass may be the greenest in her own pasture.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pre-order either of my books prior to their release dates. But rest assured, I will keep you updated!  In the meantime, download the MeeGenius App on your favorite portable device and enjoy.  HAPPY 4th EVERYONE!!

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