Published in Practical Horseman!

I received my February issue of Practical Horseman in the mail yesterday and flipped directly to the very last page where the My Life column is housed.  And there it was!  My article!  Published in Practical Horseman!  To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.  To be honest, I dont know who was more excited  me or my son, Brian, who was pictured in the photo with me.  The poor kid honestly believes he is going to be famous now.  I didnt have the heart to tell him that no one he knows will likely ever see this magazine article, unless their parents happen to be serious English riders.  My ever-supportive husband promptly ran out and bought a rustic wood frame (reminiscent of a barn door) that fit the page perfectly.  The article now hangs in my home office as a token of one goal accomplished.  Although there are many other goals yet to be fulfilled (as documented in my article), this little piece of success is a solid step in the direction in my writing and publishing journey.  So Im taking a moment today just to be happy.  After all, these moments on the long and lonely road of writing are few and far between.

On the riding front, stay tuned to my blog for news on our big move to the new barn.  Hint:  the new barn is unheated which is not fun during the polar vortex in Michigan!  But lots of changes (hopefully good ones) are happening in the horse arena.

Until then Happy Writing and Happy Riding!

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