Outside My Comfort Zone

One of my goals for 2013 was to do something at least once a month that is outside of my comfort zone. For months, Ive been receiving emails from the Michigan chapter of the SCBWI encouraging me to participate in the Your Areas Got Talent event. Remembering my goal, I eventually talked myself into accepting the invitation.

It wasnt an easy decision.  In case you dont believe me, here is a little bit of my internal dialogue:  Im going to be the only non-illustrator there.  What if I am out of place?  What if they make me draw something?  What if they all know each other and dont talk to me?  What if they laugh at my manuscript?  What if they dont like the snack that I bring?  But, wait a second . . . what if I make some important contacts?  What if I get some helpful advice that improves my writing?  What if I have a great time?  If I dont go, Ill never know.  And on and on and on.

So this weekend, I am going WAY OUTSIDE my comfort zone and meeting with a group of writer/illustrators in my area who I have never met before.  Im used to sharing my writing with my online critique group, but sharing my writing in person is whole different ballgame.  Although that pesky little voice in my head keeps trying second-guess my decision, Im willing to take the risk.  The reward just might be worth it.

Stay tuned for an update . . .

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