Do Not Do This. The Night before the Exam

As you know, the exam is an important stage in the student’s life, which must be overcome, and worthy. Of course, you need to gain profound knowledge of the subject, but it also does not hurt to trust the student’s signs. Here are a few simple truths.

Say No to Alcohol

No Alcohol

Some students, in order to relieve stress, prefer to party well before the exam. In this case, it is not about walking in the fresh air to renovate your head. Most likely, this is a noisy party with friends and alcoholic drinks. Drinking alcohol before passing the exam is not recommended for several reasons:

  • In the morning after the feast, there is a terrible fume, which certainly will not please the examining teacher. The teacher understands that the student did not prepare all night long, but in a known way “took off stress”. Accordingly, his knowledge of the subject is not deep enough, and the lack of interest is clearly on the face. In addition, the smell of fumes irritates, provokes a headache and additional questions on the topic on the part of the examiner;
  • The alcohol, which was drunk on the eve of the exam, dulls the work of the central nervous system, disrupts the work of somatic cells and concentration of attention, provokes increased drowsiness and inhibition of natural responses. It is unlikely that the teacher will assess such an inadequate state of his student with a high grade, at best it will be “satisfactory”, and at worst – the retake in an adequate state;
  • The only thing the student thinks about after a noisy binge is a sleep. He remembers nothing from the passed material on the subject, and the teacher’s questions provoke a sharp headache, a feeling of nausea and nervousness. Yeah, in this condition, you certainly will not pass the exam, besides, you can completely ruin the once-friendly relationship with the teacher.

The alcohol, in any case, is harmful to health, so do not sink grief and mentally prepare for the exam in this disastrous way. It is better to work on textbooks, and on the eve of the exam go to bed early and have a good night sleep. This is a wonderful sign, which increases the chances for a successful passing of the exam. And the problems are less, and the evaluation is higher, and the teacher is glad to such an exemplary student.

Studying the Night before the Exam Is Only Harmful

Many modern students believe that the night before the exam is enough to remember a colossal amount of information that regularly flew past the ears during the semester.

No, it is not true: fatigue in the morning will be unambiguously felt, but in the head, there will be a “porridge”, which is unlikely to help successfully pass the exam and keep a scholarship.

But what is the failure of this method of self-training? Let us start with the fact that the memory of a person perceives information only in batches, so its excess will still remain beyond the bounds of understanding. In addition, in the evening time the concentration of attention is noticeably reduced, therefore it is hardly possible to memorize something useful.

Also, it should be remembered that studying in the dead of night provokes chronic fatigue, which in the morning inhibits the natural reactions of the body, worsens memory, provokes passivity, prevents concentration.

That is why many scientists have proved that it is necessary to study the exam within a few days (ideally, throughout the whole semester), but do not stay up late on the last day before the exam, as many students like to do. All the same, such efforts are meaningless, and they will not raise the mark on the exam.

Before the Exam Do Not Drink Coffee and Soothing Pills

No Coffee

For many university students, the exam is the strongest stress for the body. That is why, in order to calm down a little, some students take sedatives without a doctor’s prescription. The effect, of course, will be, but which one in a particular case is unknown.

It is one thing if a student constantly drinks a sedative on the advice of a doctor and clearly controls the allowable dose; and quite another, when the reception of an unknown sedative was performed for the first time – as an experiment, so to speak.

In the latter case, the body’s response may be the most unpredictable, beginning with increased drowsiness and ending with a quiet snoring at the back desk. The student, in any case, needs his reactions and emotions, otherwise, the exam can be simply failed with indifference.

As for coffee, its effect on the student’s body is the opposite of sedatives. The drink tones and invigorates, makes you stay in a state of the drive. Such increased activity during the exam can also do harm, so it is desirable to refrain from any energy drinks, which, incidentally, harm the body, in particular, the work of the cardiovascular system.

Appearance of the Student

Before the exam, it is important to decide what to wear on such a crucial and important day. It is best to give preference to a strict classical style, which provides “black bottom – white top”.

This is the standard that should always be in the wardrobe of any student, as teachers, as you know, do not like fashionable youth trends, creativity, radical experiments with appearance.

Yes, by the way, it is not recommended on the eve of the exam to change your usual style, in particular, to dye your hair, do tattoos and piercings. The fact is that such changes are immediately evident and pose anxious thoughts. The teacher should have a clear conviction that the student was eagerly preparing for the upcoming session and was not distracted by all sorts of nonsense.

New things for the exam, too, is not the best variant to wear, as the energy of the “old wardrobe” will only contribute to the successful ending of the session, will provide a feeling of complete comfort.

It is very important that clothes do not squeeze the body and do not irritate emotionally, which only distracts on the exam. Very important is the so-called “psychological comfort”, which will help to morally tune in to the upcoming answers on the topic.

Advice to all students: do not focus on the signs, it is best to prepare for the exam in order to exclude the need for a retake.

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