NaNoWriMo Results

Im a few days late checking in with my official NaNoWriMo results.  In case you missed it,  my goal was to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  Although I fell drastically short of my goal, I am going to consider NaNoWriMo a success.  I wrote approximately 23,000 words of my first YA novel, Foxwoode, and Im still going strong.  The ill-timed holidays are throwing a wrench into my writing progress, but I will keep writing when I have the time (that probably means in January!)

Writing my novel has been a learning process, for sure.  The first day, I literally just stared at the blank computer screen.  I had no idea where to begin and was overwhelmed by the task ahead.  Eventually, I bit the bullet and just started typing.  I didnt start from the beginning.  I started from a scene that I had in my head and built the story back (and forward) from that point.  I love seeing how the personalities of the characters develop and the sub-plots emerge seemingly out of nowhere.  I think its safe to say, I am addicted!  If only I had more time . . .

As for PiBoIdMo, I met my goal of coming up with 30 ideas for picture books in 30 days.  This should give me plenty to work on in the year ahead!

And finally, Id like to share a little bit of good news.  My article, The Goal vs. The Journey, about my lifelong quest to own my own horse is going to be published in the My Life column of the February issue of Practical Horseman magazine.  I have been a life-long subscriber to Practical Horseman, so this publishing credit means a lot to me.  Practical Horseman has a paid circulation of over 60,000 subscribers and is a top authority on English riding and horsemanship.  Ill be sure to let you know when the February issue is released.

Until next time, happy writing (and riding!)

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