HORSE FLOWERS is Published!

Do you know any horse-crazy kids? I just received word that my eBook, HORSE FLOWERS, has been released on the MeeGenius! App for iPhone/iPad and Android. It can be found under the Featured tab or by CLICKING HERE and is now available for $2.99.

Summary of HORSE FLOWERS: “No horsing around!” Isabel’s mother reminds her as Isabel runs out to gather wildflowers for her grandma’s birthday. Grandma’s party is starting soon and Isabel’s journey is not going smoothly. But Isabel knows exactly which of her horsey friends can use its breed’s unique talents to help her overcome obstacles along the way. Ride along with Isabel on this heartwarming and educational equine adventure with a surprise ending that celebrates the power of a child’s imagination. HORSE FLOWERS is intended for children ages 3-8 and is illustrated by the very talented Kathryn Selbert.  HORSE FLOWERS also includes a glossary of horse breeds.

Thanks for checking it out and for the support!

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