Holiday Writing Contest

Its time for Susanna Leonard Hills 3rd Annual Holiday Writing Contest!  This year the task is to write a childrens story of no more than 350 words about a Holiday Mishap, mix-up, miscommunication, mistake, or potential disaster.  Susanna is offering amazing prizes!  Be sure to stop by Susannas blog and read all the great entries, and then return to her blog on Monday the 16th Wednesday the 18th to vote on the Finalists.  Voting will close Wednesday at 5 pm EST.  The winners will be announced on Thursday, the 19th.

Thank you for stopping by to read my entry.

Happy Holidays!


By Laura Wolfe

[349 words]

Mistletoe clip-clopped past the reindeer’s empty stalls.  As Santa prepared to deliver presents around the world, Mistletoe dreamed of spreading Christmas magic too.  But horses can’t fly and Mistletoe’s nose didn’t glow.

Just before the reindeer ascended into the sky, Mistletoe noticed a present poking out of Santas sack.  It said, To Santa. Love, Mrs. Claus.  Mistletoe neighed, bucked, and whinnied to alert Santa of the mistake, but he was too late.  The sleigh was gone.

Mistletoe peered inside Santa’s cottage.  Mrs. Claus slept peacefully.  There wasn’t a single present for Santa under the Christmas tree.

This is horrible, thought Mistletoe.  Santa surprises everyone with presents on Christmas, but there are no  presents for Santa!

Then Mistletoe understood that he had the power to make Christmas magic.  He cantered to Santa’s barn.

“Santa is giving away his only present,” Mistletoe told Owl.  “Let’s surprise Santa with gifts on Christmas morning, just like he surprises us.”

“That’s a brilliant idea,” agreed wise Owl.

“But I don’t have anything to give him,” said Mistletoe.

“We all have gifts to give,” said Owl.  “I’ll pluck my fluffy feathers to make a pillow.”

“I’ll paint my eggs to make ornaments for Santa’s tree,” said Chicken.

“I’ll knit my wool into a cozy sweater,” said Sheep.

“I’ll whip my milk into creamy pudding,” said Cow.

Mistletoe polished one of his horseshoes until it sparkled.  He would give it to Santa for good luck.

The animals worked hard on their gifts.  When they heard sleigh bells in the distance, Mistletoe galloped to Santa’s cottage and arranged the gifts under the tree.  Mistletoe raced back to the barn where he and the other animals quickly went to sleep.

On Christmas morning, Mistletoe awoke to find TWO peppermints in his saddle bag!  But Mistletoe’s best gift was still to come.  He trotted to Santa’s cottage and watched Santa open his presents.  Santa and Mrs. Claus’ eyes twinkled brighter than the snow.  Mistletoe’s teeth stretched into a smile.

“Now you know my secret,” said Santa, winking at Mistletoe.  “Giving to others is the best gift of all.”

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