A New Horse in My Life

Im taking a break from writing about writing today to write about my other favorite topic yep, horses! Over the last few months, there have been a lot of changes at the barn where I ride. My riding instructor retired at the end of September and sold many of her horses, including the horse I was previously leasing, Edoras. Sadly, I could not purchase Edoras due to financial and time constraints. (Big sigh). But as my husband likes to lovingly remind me, No one feels sorry for you, Laura. I know hes right. And no one should feel sorry for me because, despite not being able to purchase Edoras, good things are happening.

First, theres a new horse in my life. His name is Louie. Where should I start? Hes so stinking cute, I cant stand it! Hes a 10-year-old, black, appendix Quarter Horse who Im now half-leasing. That means I get to ride him three days a week. As far as the jumping goes, hes still a little green (a.k.a. not fully trained), but he always tries hard to do the right the thing. At 15.2 hands, hes not a big horse and not as sleek and athletic as Edoras, but he can jump over 3 feet with ease. And he has the most lovable personality. Hes quick to nuzzle and happily receives hugs (and treats!) He may be a little horse, but he has a TREMENDOUS stride and a heart of gold. Wait a second. This sounds like inspiration for a picture book, doesnt it? But I digress . . .

Secondly, I have a new riding instructor who is amazing. Ive already learned a ton from the first three lessons. I was so nervous during my first lesson with her that I think I forgot to breathe for the first 15 minutes.  She has a very positive teaching style, which is refreshing in a sport where yelling at and berating riders is often the norm.  She observes things about my riding that Ive never noticed before.  It has already benefited me to receive feedback from another instructor with a new perspective.  In the end, it will help me become a better rider.

So, I guess the moral of this story is that change, although sometimes difficult and scary, can also be good.  If dealt with productively, change allows us to challenge ourselves, view things from other perspectives, seize new opportunities, and, ultimately, grow to reach our full potential.

Happy writing and riding!

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