Bad Memory Is Not a Vindication

Many students in problems with studies blame only their “short memory”, which literally refuses to perceive valuable information. The situation is ordinary, but you cannot always refer to such health problems, you need to somehow train and develop your memory. Of course, this should be done in the childhood, but if the problem has worsened only in the student times, training and prevention will also not interfere.

Causes of Bad Memory

My Memory Is So Bad

Before talking about solving this global problem in the student’s life, it is required to find the main reason, the so-called “root of evil.” The fact is that such a phenomenon does not arise from scratch, but is preceded, as a rule, by certain factors. That is just about these irritants worth talking about in more detail:

  1. The chronic fatigue. Since the student learns a lot, sleeps late and wakes up early, the cause of memory loss can be an eternal lack of sleep, a disturbed daily routine, improper regime, increased mental and physical stress, beriberi;
  2. The stress. If the student tries to “pull up the tails” and constantly reads the textbooks, but does not remember anything, the problem is obvious. The fact that his nervous system is in a stage of increased activity, and an imperceptible state of stress gradually worsens memory, and also provokes certain health problems;
  3. Pernicious habits. It is no secret that many students smoke and systematically abuse alcohol. This problem is a scourge of modern times, especially as smoking, alcohol and drugs reduce concentration, break memory, completely change the student’s mind and not only;
  4. Taking sedatives. Some modern students, for example, begin to take nootropics and even tranquilizers during a regular session against a background of increased nervousness. Such strong medicines, as is known, have a depressing effect on the nervous system, so memory functions noticeably weaken, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness appear;
  5. Increased anxiety. If you live constantly in this dangerous state, then the thoughts are confused, and most of the useful information very quickly slips past the ears, never lingering in the mind of a person;
  6. The rush. If a student starts to fuss, get nervous, run from side to side and simultaneously grab a few cases, then all the fresh thoughts from the head finally disappear, leaving distraction, forgetfulness.

Well-Known Types of Memory

Bad memory can always be trained, but for this, the first thing to do is to determine what kind of memory is present in a particular case. For this you can safely use the following characteristics:

  • If information immediately skips past consciousness, then memory is “immediate”;
  • If new information is held in consciousness for up to 30 seconds, the memory is considered “short-term”;
  • If a certain fact is stored in memory for a needed period of time, and then it is forgotten, then in this case it is already a matter of “sliding memory”;
  • If one remembers certain information for years, then one has a “long-term” memory.

Having determined your type, you can draw conclusions about the prevailing problem, if such is, of course, present in the organism of the student.

What to Do with Bad Memory?

Memory can be trained, but do it not one day and not one month, but regularly, taking for a useful habit for the rest of your life. There are several simple exercises that contribute to the concentration of attention, which means – increase the ability to remember individual actions, events, facts, life moments:

  • Motivation. When a student prepares for the exam, he has to memorize a lot of new information. Sometimes consciousness fights against such a scientific flow, and numerous figures, complex definitions and new topics are not remembered in any way. Here, the motivation comes to the rescue, that is the final result, to which it is clearly necessary to strive. For students, this is a high average score and a scholarship in a new semester, so that each time forgetting new information, it is worthwhile to remind yourself, with what such absent-mindedness threatens in the future;
  • The mindfulness. Memory may deteriorate due to increased inattention. Many things a person does mechanically, that is, without noticing it, for example, turns off the light in the bathroom, puts the car in the garage, closes the front door. Then he/she begins to worry that he/she did not do something, because he/she simply does not remember when and how it happened.

To prevent such situations, it is recommended controlling all your actions by voice, that is, to say out loud what you are doing, how and for what. Maybe you will not remember when you did it, but your own voice will ring for a long time in your ears, calming you down;

  • Logical connections. This is an excellent method of quality memory training, which also develops logic, thinking, attention, intelligence. A person must learn to build logical series in memory, beginning with the final situation. If something is forgotten, it is important to remember the day of the week, the ambiance, time, situation – any little things.

Such suggestive thoughts will restore the necessary events in memory, their sequence and final result. If you repeat this simple exercise on a regular basis, very soon memory performance will please you with its stability and reliability;

  • Associations. This is another technique, how to train memory. To implement the idea, you need to remember the situation, while connecting abstract thinking, for example, what was in the situation, and what could be if …

For someone such a representation allows to remember real events, reliably put them in the memory for an extended period of time;

  • The Bad memory can arise due to constant fuss, which distracts a person from a certain occupation, kind of activity. Yes, and his/her absent-minded nature, in this case, acts against him/her. That is why, carrying out some work, it is important to repeat its purpose, so that not only the process itself is remembered, but the final result, which we had to achieve;
  • Crosswords. The most common crossword puzzles perfectly train memory, and this phenomenon is very easily explained. First, the words are often repeated, and the person remembers them mechanically. Secondly, visual memory is perfectly trained, as a reaction to similar sentences, phrases, questions. Simply put, it is recommended solving crossword puzzles every day, and in a week’s time, progress will be obvious.

Each student chooses his own method of remembering information, but as practice shows, the method of associations works 100%. So you can memorize any topic, prepare for the upcoming exam, and most importantly – to pass through the mind the information received.

Opinion of Doctors


Many doctors have often faced the problem of memory impairment at school and college age. Patients forgot the information received a minute ago, because it seemed incomprehensible and completely meaningless. This is the answer to the main question: if the facts that are complex to perception are explained in a simple and accessible language, then problems with remembering, for example, a new topic will certainly not arise.

If the memory is bad, then you need to reconsider your usual diet, including fresh vegetables and fruits, greens and vitamins. Also, valuable minerals and microelements are needed: they improve the condition and functionality of the cerebral cortex and stabilize the work of the nervous system. To select vitamin therapy is better individually with a qualified specialist, but in proper nutrition, give preference mainly to natural ingredients.

There is an opinion that walnuts contribute to memory improvement. So, this component should definitely be included in the daily menu and should be eaten between the main meals every day.

It is also important to understand that avitaminosis can worsen memory quality at any age, and this condition should be avoided especially during the autumn-winter period.

Of course, to improve memory, you will have to give up all bad habits, go in for sports and more often be in the open air. It is such walks in nature that enrich the cells of the cerebral cortex with vital oxygen, which means that they improve the memory reserves and the susceptibility of new information.

The best and most productive are moderate cardio-operations, but it is also important not to forget about elementary exercises for improving memory.

Experts are sure that if a person regulates his daily routine, completely eliminates stress and increased nervousness, starts eating right, throws away all unnecessary information and superfluous problems, then the memory improves on its own. So often happens, otherwise, you will have to resort to a specialist’s advice.

Within the framework of this article, you learned about what to do in the case of the bad memory. In general, advice to all students: more thoughts about studying, and then the memory will certainly not deteriorate. And getting new information is better in portions during the semester, and not two nights before the exam.