Horse Show Update

I promised an update after Edoras and I returned from our weekend of competition at Hunters Run. The experience was exhilarating, stressful, exciting, exhausting, fun and HOT! Im talking 90 degrees and humid kind of heat. Despite my nerves (and possible heat stroke), we performed better on Saturday than on Sunday. We placed second in one of our jumping classes and fourth in another (out of 14 entries). We also brought home some fifth and sixth place ribbons. There were a couple of classes that did not go as well but, overall, I was happy with our performance. Nothing disastrous happened while I was riding. I didnt fall off, Edoras didnt refuse any jumps and I didnt go off course, which were three of my biggest fears going in.

Edoras and I completing a course at Hunters Run, June 2013

I learned so much from the experience. First, I had no idea the amount of preparation that goes into riding in a horse show at this level. Theres trailering, setting up stalls, braiding, schooling, keeping tack and show clothes clean (not an easy task when you are basically living in a barn for 3 days!) and memorizing courses seconds before entering the ring, to name a few. I also learned that it takes a village to help a rider show successfully. There is no way I could have ever done this without the help of people from my barn who traveled to the show with us. Let me just say that BARN MOMS RULE! Of course, I will also need to mention my amazingly supportive husband who stayed with the kids all weekend so I could travel to the show.

Well, now that Ive burned through a large portion of our savings, my time with Edoras is coming to an end. I hope to be able to lease her again starting in the Fall. While I am sad to not ride her as often, I am thankful for the experience and proud of myself for pursuing my dreams, even at the ripe old age of 39. Im already looking forward to showing again next Summer. Lets face it, I might need a full year to recover!

Finally, in yet more exciting news, stay tuned to my blog for a big announcement coming soon. Hint: I will officially be a published childrens author very soon!! But that is another post for another day. Happy Writing and Happy Riding!

A Dream Deferred

Sadly, my time with Edoras (the horse that I am half-leasing) runs out at the end of June due to financial and time constraints. But before I hang my head, chain myself to her stall and cry, Edoras and I have one last Hurrah! Fifteen days from now, Im leaving my husband in charge of the kids for the weekend, loading Edoras in a trailer, traveling to Temperance, MI, and competing in my first real (B Circuit) hunter jumper horse show in about 25 years. Thats right, I was 14 years-old the last time I wore my tall boots and hunt coat and navigated a horse over a course of jumps in front of a judge. It has been a sacrifice of time and money for me to get to this point, but also a rewarding journey to fulfill a life-long dream. There have been roadblocks along the way and Im sure there will be more to come, but overcoming these hurdles makes me appreciate reaching this goal even more.

Me and Edoras in a Lesson

I am nervous and excited. I am thankful for so many things: the support of my husband and children, my riding instructor who has worked her magic on me over the last two years and who owns Edoras, and my friends at the barn who have guided me and encouraged me every step of the way despite the fact that they are all between 5 and 20 years younger than me. I certainly could not have pursued this dream alone.So for the next two weeks, I may be doing a little less writing and a little more riding in preparation for my big weekend. Then Ill write about it when its over. Hopefully, there will be some photos of blue ribbons in my follow-up post. But if not, it will still be worth it.