Student Campus Blog: Let’s Talk Until Our Coffees Get Cold

Two Creative Cups

If you have ever spent at least one quiet campus evening together with your roommate, watching some movie and eating, well, something you ordered from the campus cafe, you will definitely get what I am going to talk about.

When no one of my mates need any essay writing help from me, when my freelance job started getting on my nerves unobtrusively, I sat down to write down some funny and sad stories I heard from my friends, teachers, parents. I decided it would be better to save them on my laptop and not to keep them in my unreliable memory.

That was actually the prototype of our team’s current blog. Yeah, I called it Horse Writing Blog. Just because I really like horses and because I threw myself into writing for the Web more and more eagerly. I tried to cover topics that could be interesting for me and my contemporaries. I started to note the news and interesting facts I heard all around me in order to learn more about them one day.

Time went by. I blogged, edited, proofread…And then I somehow found out that there were other folks like me. Can you imagine my delight when we agreed on the common project?

Cooperating with bloggers, writing coaches and copywriters who seem to know much, really much more than you is really awesome. We did research together, shared our experience and knowledge, taught each other new things…And then, eventually, we launched this blog project.

So, let’s check out what you can expect from those guys in the other corner of the cyberworld! Here is the brief table of contents.

Student Psychology and Life Style

Traveling Students

Joanne, one of our wonderful copywriters and inspirers, is also a budding educator and practicing student psychologist. She loves teaching and dreams about revolutionizing the education system, or at least to solve the problems modern schools and colleges face. So, she learns and knows a lot about various student issues, starting with homesickness and finishing with diet. So, she is going to tell you multiple compelling things about your college and campus life.

Science and Neuroscience in Particular

This is my weakness. Trying to study a few foreign languages and having loads of bilingual friends from overseas, I am really keen on revealing the secrets of the human brain. However, as a human being is an element of the big and complex world, I cannot but research into other spheres of science and people’s activity. So, get ready to explore amazing things with this blog!

Technologies and the WWW

None of us can get away from it. We live in the high-tech era, no matter whether we are fond of this fact or not. So, we have agreed to analyze the general situation from time to time, digging deeper into the tech novelties and web features. Stay abreast of the latest news from the cyberspace with us!

Our Professional Tips and Tricks

Naturally, we cannot put this topic away. We would like to share our professional writing and blogging experience with everyone who is considering such activities as a source of income or as a nice hobby, as well as with everyone who is now doing such jobs. Learn more about various techniques, strategies and fouls with Student Campus Blog!

Follow our upgrades and updates to keep abreast of hottest news! Thanks for staying with us.

P.S. Hope your coffee is still drinkable, huh?